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The RitFit Vinyl Coated Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells have a contoured smooth texture handle to provide a secure, non-slip grip for high repetition workout, and they are designed to be perfectly balanced and single-unit cast kettlebells. Plus, the Flat bottom of the kettlebells is easy for you to store at the gym as well as home.

As a small sports equipment, kettlebells stand out. The RitFit kettlebells can be utilized for floor exercises such as renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats, and more. Purchase a single or a set to build your strength, stability, and power; improve movement, agility, and speed with RitFit kettlebells!



    • Weight Range: 5-50 lbs
    • Size and weight are color-coded for easy recognition: Yellow (5 lbs), Purple (10 lbs), Sky Blue (15 lbs), Red (20 lbs), Orange (25 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Blue (35 lbs), Grey (45 lbs), and Black (50 lbs)
    • Materials: Made of solid cast iron with environment-friendly neoprene coating for durability and corrosion protection, and the thick coating to protect flooring from getting scratched