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Are Dip Belts Worth It?

by RitFit Sports 26 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Do you use dip belts or are considering getting one? 

When it comes to strength training, adding dip belt exercises to your daily routine could bring a lot value. Dip belts allow you to progress once you found the bodyweight exercises easy even with lot of reps. 

Dip belt will help you to build fantastic real world strength and become strong on an almost superhuman level and sculpting a world-class physique.

There are three types of dip belt exercises:

☑️Weighted dip
☑️Weighted chin up
☑️Belt squat

Weighted dip and chin up help build power and strength in your triceps and chest, while wearing a dip belt around your waist while doing a belt squat, you unload the spine and put all the stress on your legs. This is great for people with back or upper-body injuries who still want to progress with the squats.

If you can do 10+ reps on these exercises with a barbell plate, then you could start adding some additional load to your body to build more muscle and strength in lower rep ranges!

RitFit just updated dip belt with much stronger carabiners on the sides, it also comes with an additional 11-inch chain that you can add or remove to accommodate the numbers of weighted plates you are using, it is fully adjustable with a contoured design with 38 inches rustproof and reinforced chain. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to fold away into a gym bag.

About how to use RitFit dip belt 

  • Step 1: Slip the belt around the waist and run the length of chain through a plate.
  • Step 2: Connect the clip-on end of the chain to the other ring. The weight should swing free between the legs enabling performance of weighted dips and pull-ups.
  • Step 3: Make sure you loop the chain through the eye before bringing it through the plate. This will enable the belt to tighten. The downward force of the weights should tighten the belt around the waist.

Notice: A quality dip belt will hold both dumbbells and barbell plates securely.

Simply grab one RitFit dip belt today to get the most out of every single rep, to become the person you’ve always dreamed off!

RitFit Premium Dip Belt:

@kingkayn01 (Instagram) Dip Belt Exercises

@ pj_witha_punch (Instagram) Dip Belt Exercises 

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