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Bench Ab Workout - Use a Exercise Bench to Progress Your Pushups

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Doing regular pushups can help increase your body's production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is responsible for building muscle mass. 

Exercise Bench elevated pushups are variations that allow you to make your workout easier or more challenging depending either your upper body or lower body is elevated above the rest of the body. 

By changing the angle of your pushups, you will work for different muscle groups. These kinds of pushups are a useful addition to regular pushups and they can enhance your exercise routine or help you progress to more challenging versions. 

1. Incline Pushup

incline pushup

Incline pushup is a great starting point to begin your pushup journey. 
Always remember to concentrate on the form when performing incline pushups. Keep your elbows tucked close to your body and your shoulder blades are drawn back and down. 

Muscles worked: chest, shoulders

2. Hands-Elevated Pushup

hands-elevated pushup

An easier version than the standard pushups because you are angling more of your body weight toward the feet. The higher your hands are, the easier the pushup is.
Muscles worked: more toward lower chest and back 

3. Bench Tap Plyo Pushup

bench tap plyo pushup

Bench Tap Plyo Pushup is a full body strength exercise that focuses on arms and chest while also strengthening the core. Take it up a notch and incorporate balance training into your ab training routine once you have mastered the standard pushups. 
The key to this is to pull your belly in extra tight as your hand taps the adjustable bench!
Muscles worked: triceps, chest, front and back shoulder, abs

4. Feet-Elevated Pushup

feet-elevated pushup

Elevating your feet doing pushups are a lot more challenging because you are angling more of your body weight toward your hands. The higher you elevate your feet, the more challenging the pushups are.
Keep your hips as high above the shoulder as possible and try not to bend the knees while doing the feet elevated pike push-ups.
Muscles worked: building more muscles on front shoulder and back muscles

5. Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup

feet-elevated pike pushup

You are really reaching for your maximum potential trying out this exercise! 
In the piked position, bend your arms and drop your head straight down toward the ground between your hands. Lower down and then press back up, fully extending your arms. Make sure you are performing a vertical push and not turning this into more of a horizontal movement or a Decline Pushp. You are slowly progressing to a full handstand, try to do as much vertical press as you can.
Muscles worked: mainly shoulders


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