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The Best bosu ball in 2017

by RitFit Sports 03 May 2017 0 Comments

Luckily,our RitFit Balance Ball Trainer has recently been ranked at # 4 in the 2017 wiki of the best bosu balls. Our Balance Ball Trainer provides a lower and upper body workout for fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all ages. It is available in blue or pink and can be inflated easily to the desired resistance level. Links here

What is a Bosu ball?

A Bosu Ball is a balance trainer with a variety of challenging training uses. Imagine cutting an exercise ball in half and mounting it to a solid circular platform. You can perform a variety of exercise with the platform down and ball dome facing up, or for an additional challenge, platform up and dome side down.

Why use a Bosu Ball?

Any exercise you can perform can be more challenging if performed on a Bosu Ball. You are adding training in a third dimension as you now must balance your weight on the now unstable surface. The simple standard push-up, with your hands (or feet) on the curved dome surface, will now require you to stabilize your core muscles to balance your weight as you push up. Another option is to place your hands on each side of the platform (dome side down) and complete your push-ups. Again, you will need to stabilize your core in order to perform your push-ups. Here are a few examples of ways to incorporate your Bosu Ball into your training: * Weight Training - virtually any resistance exercise you perform, you can make more challenging on a Bosu ball. Squats, curls, lunges (especially side-lunges) step-ups, etc. You can also use your Bosu Ball as your weight bench and sit on or place your back on the platform surface or domed surface. * Cardio Training - Side hops, toe taps or any type of “step aerobics” can be performed on the Bosu Ball for additional challenge and to help increase strength and burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. For an advanced challenge, place the platform down, dome up and perform rope jumps on the dome. But for now, try this one: Side-to-Side Squats Stand next to your Bosu ball and place your left foot on the dome (the platform is down) now squat deeply with one foot on and the other off. As you reach the bottom of your squat, bring both feet together onto the center of the dome. Now step off with only the left foot and leave your right foot on the dome. Remain in your squat and repeat in the opposite direction left, left, right, right for 20 reps. * Plyometric Training - Plyometrics involves explosive training to build power which is a combination of speed, agility, and strength. Try this challenging example: Plyo Bosu Push Ups Place the dome side down and platform up. Place your hands firmly on the outside perimeter of the platform and firmly grasp the edges. Perform a pushup, but as you reach the lowest position, EXPLODE upward and pull your body AND the Bosu off the floor, try to pull the platform up to your chest before your upper body returns to the floor. Once you touch down, stabilize your weight, lower your torso and explode again, and again. Try to complete 20 repetitions. Bosu Ball exercises require you to maintain your balance and center of gravity over an unstable surface. Every exercise becomes a challenge! GET ONE NOW!
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