Home fitness equipment - Cheat yourself and use them regularly



How many times have you bought a piece of home fitness equipment only to find it hidden somewhere in your house after a few weeks? This is the usual dilemma of those who want to start a home fitness regimen. They simply cannot stick to it. Home fitness equipment have evolved over the years, yet the very essence that enables us to exercise will never change. Discipline and motivation, though readily available, is very hard to come by especially when you are at your humble abode equipped with your television, comfortable couch, and not to mention, your very tempting bed. We also tend to be so caught up with our busy lives that exercise has become the least of our priorities. The good thing about having a fitness regimen at home is that it is where you start and end your day. Whatever happens, your home is where you will find yourself, at least for the most days of the week. When you cannot find the discipline and motivation to use your home fitness equipment, it is time to take different measures to keep yourself on track. Here are some was to cheat yourself on using your home fitness equipment regularly.


1. Put your alarm clock next to your home fitness equipment.  Doing this will make you think of exercise first thing in the morning. Just make sure your alarm clock is close enough to the place where you sleep in. 2. Sleep in your workout clothes. Sleeping in your workout clothes makes it easier for you to use your home fitness equipment regularly. Doing this will bring you to a step ahead in the process of exercising. You have to lessen the time you spend in preparing to workout so you can exercise immediately. 3. Make your home fitness equipment visible all the time. Hiding your home fitness equipment won't do you any good. Always make your home fitness equipment is readily accessible so when motivation strikes, you are ready to exercise. 4. Put a note on every mirror in your house with a rundown of the workouts that you need to do. A to-do-list is an effective way to keep yourself on track about the different tasks that you should complete. Mirrors are places where we often look. Having your exercise to do list on your mirror also helps you see the progress you make as you see a better body image overtime. 5. Give your home fitness equipment a person's name, and schedule a meeting on your phone's calendar with that "person". Technology helps us to be reminded of things constantly and promptly. Why not give your "exercise" a person's name, and set an appointment or "meeting" on your phone. Doing this will make exercise sound like

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