Weight Lifting Gloves Can Improve Your Training


Weight lifting gloves were designed specifically for people who lift weights. The rough surface of dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells combined with repetitive movements can result in painful blisters and eventually, ugly, calloused palms. While you work hard to build the perfect body, wearing weight lifting gloves can prevent unattractive hands.

Safety - Weight lifting gloves also add a measure of safety to your training. Intense training makes you sweat and may cause you to lose your grip on the weight or the pull up bar. Dropping heavy weights or slipping off training equipment can result in injuries like muscle pulls, fractures, damage of the muscle tissues, neck or spinal injuries and even death. Weight lifting gloves offer you firm grip and protection that your bare hands can't provide.

When shopping for weight lifting gloves look for:

Wrist support - weight lifting gloves with integrated wrist support.

Reinforced palms and fingers with premium quality leather and double stitching construction for maximum durability.

A thick palm pad that can absorb the shock and provide protection against painful calluses and blisters.
Cool open mesh on the back of the hand to provide ventilation, comfort and fit.

Cross-training - Choose gloves are suitable for powerlifting, weight lifting, bodybuilding, or general gym workouts and fitness.

A warranty - Look for a 60 day warranty from the date of purchase. That way if you are not satisfied, you can contact customer service.

Size Matters. It’s important to get the right size gloves or they may offer little benefit. Too small or tight and you won’t wear them, too large and they’ll slip on your hand and not provide that important safety benefit. Getting the correct size is as simple as correctly measuring the circumference of your hand with a flexible measuring tape and comparing that measurement with the vendor’s chart to know the size of gloves to order. If you don’t have a flexible tape, find a string, wrap it around your palm and mark where the line crosses and lay it on a ruler to measure and size your gloves.

Advantages of wearing weight lifting gloves. To recap the reasons you should be wearing gloves, they increase your grip strength. You can lift more weight because of this improved grip - without fear of the weight slipping from your hands and injuring you. Integral wrist wraps support your wrists when training with heavy weights.

Weight lifting gloves will prevent blisters from forming on your hands as the result of training with dumbbells and barbells as they reduce friction between your palm and the weight. To prevent unsightly calluses, wear weight lifting gloves!

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