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What Are The Best Home Improvement Investments You Can Make

by RITFIT manage 23 Mar 2022 0 Comments

There is something special about home improvement because your house or apartment isn’t just where you sleep and eat. Your home is also where you rest, reflect and raise a family. As such, paying special attention to how you renovate your home can have profound benefits related to your habits, the example you set at home, and how you feel about yourself.

The great news is that, despite being challenging, renovating your home is a fun endeavor that gets your creative juices flowing. After all, the possibilities are endless, and you’re doing it for yourself. Sure, it might be frustrating at times, but you will get to walk inside one day, feeling pride and pure happiness for what you’ve created.

To that end, we would like to answer the question, “What are the best home improvement investments?” Let’s dive in.

What Are The Best Home Improvement Investments

What Improvements Increase Home Value?

There are many home improvements you can make to increase the overall value of your house or apartment. People care about different things, so there is always something you can do to increase your home’s value in the eyes of a specific group of people.

We strongly believe that putting together a home gym is a fantastic improvement you can make to raise the value of your property. A notable reason why we think so is that everyone can benefit from a home gym, especially during times of a pandemic. It’s simple, convenient, and having your workouts at home can be relaxing.

Plus, building a gym reflects the self-discipline and active attitude of the homeowner, which is always noteworthy in the eyes of prospective buyers.


4 Awesome Ways to Improve Your Home Gym

There are countless home gym improvements you can make. The trouble with many of them is that they don’t work together well and people end up spending much more money. Because of that, we’ve put together some simple suggestions of cheap improvements to a home gym that will result in a great training facility that doesn’t break the bank.

Let’s see.

  1. Start With Something Simple
  2. Buy a Gym Package
  3. Get Compact
  4. Go For Adjustable Options
Awesome Ways to Improve Your Home Gym


1. Start With Something Simple

Learning how to improve a home gym can be challenging because there are countless paths you can go down. The good news is that it all starts with the fundamental element: flooring.

Spending some money on good floor tiles might seem unnecessary, but it isn’t. For one, floor mats protect your floor from the weights you will inevitably drop during your training. Should you choose to move your home gym later, the floor will be in excellent condition, free of dents and cracks.

Another benefit of good floor mats is they optimize the training experience. They offer firm support and a non-slippery surface, allowing you to lift heavy, feel secure, and maintain your balance, even as you push yourself to your limits.

RitFit Gym Floor Mats | Best Home Gym Flooring Over Concrete

RitFit Rubber Floor Mats


2. Buy a Gym Package

A possible drawback of a home gym is the limited space available. Whether using a spare room, your garage, or the basement, there will rarely be enough square footage to put together your dream gym. 

Luckily for us, fitness equipment manufacturers have recognized the issue a long time ago and have come up with a practical solution: gym packages. A gym package is a collection of essential fitness items that offer incredible versatility and training flexibility, even with limited space. 

A good gym package will include a squat rack, add-ons, a barbell, weight plates, cable system, and bench. Together, these items allow you to perform numerous effective exercises, including squats, bench presses, pull-ups, and more.

RitFit 1.2K Budget Gym Package Home Gym System

RitFit 1.2K Budget Gym Package/Home Gym System


3. Get Compact

Understanding how to get better at home improvements starts with one fundamental rule: use the space you have available. In the case of home gyms, one option is to get a gym package that offers a ton of options for every square foot it takes up. 

Another great option is something called a strength training box. The item consists of an adjustable gym bench with storage areas for resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, a medicine ball, and more. That way, you can store multiple fitness items inside a small space and retain the usability of a bench.

RitFit HIIT Bench Strength Training Box

RitFit HIIT Bench/Strength Training Box


4. Go For Adjustable Options

Having a full rack of dumbbells can be nice, but that isn’t always practical, and it’s certainly not cheap.

A much better way to go about it for your home gym is to buy a pair of adjustable dumbbells. That way, you save a lot of space and money that would go for individual pairs.

Adjustable dumbbells are fantastic because you can quickly transition between loads to fit your needs on various movements. You can adjust the load to as little as 10 or 15 lbs for simple isolation movements, and you can increase the weights to 60, 80, even 100 lbs.

RitFit Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Weight Set | 40-100 lbs

RitFit Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Weight Set | 40-100 lbs


Final Words 

You can make countless improvements to your home. From renovating your kitchen to adding a pool in the backyard, there will always be a project worth pursuing. 

But we firmly believe that putting together a home gym should be among the first things you do. Aside from making it convenient to work out, a home gym reflects your discipline and internal desire to improve. 

Plus, as you saw above, a home gym doesn’t have to be a project that costs thousands of dollars or takes up hundreds of square feet. A few simple items can transform even the smallest spaces into respectable training areas.

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