RitFit PHM01 Hip Thrust Machine

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Machine PHM01
Barbell 4FT Pink Barbell
Plates Pink Bumper Plates 
100LB- 10LB*2, 15LB*2, 25LB*2
160LB- 10LB*2, 15LB*2, 55LB*2
190LB- 15LB*2, 25LB*2, 55LB*2, 


As the hip thrust exercise has accelerated in popularity, the hip thrust machine has exploded in popularity in recent years. The Hip Thrust Machine is an efficient way to perform the Hip Thrust exercise without having to set up the bar and weight bench to lean on. RitFit Hip Thrust Machine PHM01  provides secure support for your back and isolates your glutes safely and smartly. You can build power through a strong hip thrust motion, creating sexy glutes, and improved hip and core stability.


High-resilience, thick, and wide foam pad for superior comfort and support.
Premium PU leather cushions: Easy-care and high-quality for lasting durability.

6.3'' thick and arc-shaped padding tilting 30° provides an incomparable level of comfort at the appropriate height. 

Triangular frame ensures stability and secure support for enhanced safety.

Pegs for resistance bands—expand your workout options.

Hooks for resistance bands—diverse workout possibilities.


Model PHM01
Size 62.5'' x 27'' x 21''
Footprint 11.72 SQFT
Height 21''
Pad Thickness 6.3''
Weight Capacity 800LB
Band Pegs 6
Hooks 4
Barbell Foam(/Sit-ups Foam) Yes (Removable)
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Mat Material Rubber


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