ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max Gym Package ToughFit
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max Specifications
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max Ditails Part 1
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max Ditails Part 2
Pull-Down and Low Row
Bench Press and T-Bar Row
Tricep Dip and Pull-Up
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max Gym Package ToughFit TF Bench 500LBS Capacity Bar 100LB Bumpers
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max Gym Package ToughFit TF Bench 1200LBS Capacity Bar 120LB Bumpers
ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max ToughFit PR-410 Max No Bench No Bar

ToughFit Power Rack PR-410 Max

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Strong Welds Endow Good Weight Capacity With Heavy-duty Construction
Constructed with 2'' X 2'' upright steel frames, this power cage has an up to 1000lbs weight capacity, giving you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe and stable environment and in a compact space.

Flexible Design Allows More Storage For Related Fitness Equipment
Awesome storage spaces are added on the power cage with storage hook, barbell hook, storage tube, resistance belt hanger. These storage parts are used to place the fitness equipment used with the power cage, like a barbell, weight plates, resistance bands, battle rope, etc which meet multifaceted storage needs.

Safer and Smoother Lat Pull Down System With High Tensile Strength Cables
Lat Pull Down System includes pulley block with high tensile strength cables, using with easy-glide chrome guide rod together for smooth operation. This attachment offers a wide range of up and down movements in lat pull-down workouts. Designed to train biceps triceps, shoulder, and back muscle, increase forearm wrist and handgrip strength, improve endurance and explosiveness.

Extra Attachments Meet More Fitness Needs
Including 4 storage tubes, 2 safety bars, 2 J-hooks, 2 dip handles, 1 lap bar, V-shaped handle, landmine, a pair of pull-up handles, and a whole pulley system.

dip bar
ToughFit offers a full package of home fitness equipment for gym enthusiasts and aspiring fitness practitioners. Just slide handle into rack's hole and lock in place. Rubber and textured pattern surface assist you in maintaining a stable grip. Great for strengthening your muscle groups.
pulley lat bar
High-quality pulley system with high tensile strength cables offer you a smoother training experience.

Designed for building a strong back, increase forearm wrist and grip strength, improve endurance and explosiveness.
safety bar
Engineered to take the force from drops and provide a safe lifting environment. Secure every rep of your heavy training sessions. A pair of v-shaped J-hooks made of high-grade steel, which hold up to 1000lbs. Rubber liners profect the bar rod and absorb noise of dropping.
Let your feet rest on the low row pedals and hit your back on fire by adding weights on the plate carriage. The low row is a simple but effective exercise for the back and arm muscles.  A set of landmine platform and v-shape bar handle come with ths rack. The openings fit both 1'' and 2'' bar.
storage hook
Band Pegs
You never use only one bar if you are serious about fitness. We know it and we provide the storage hook for keeping your bars with the rack. You can also hang the bands on them. Our T-foot is engineered with three band pegs on each side. Add some resistance bands to your barbell and challenge yourself to make process. 


Multifunctional Fitness Equipment For Various Workouts And Muscle

Conforming with the “ALL IN ONE HOME GYM” idea, this is a great addition to your home gym! For building a strong and confident physique, the chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and abdomen muscles are all the target muscles. This set home-style fitness equipment allows a full range of strong experience of supporting the following workouts: squat, bench press, dead-lift, chin-up, etc. Make yourself proud and take your strength training to the next level!


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