Five Ways To Mobilise With Floss Bands

Floss  bands are a great multi purpose mobility tool, they can be used to help increase mobility in a region of the body such as; help gain internal rotation of the shoulder, extension of the elbow and knee. It can be used to break up adhesions in connective tissue in regions of chronic overload such as lateral knee/ thigh in ITB friction syndrome or in the sub-acute rehabilitation phase for the anterior ankle after ankle sprain. The RITFIT Compression bands can also be a great aid for recovery; flossing the thigh after high repetition squats or the arms after high repetition pull ups/ muscle ups. Flossing after a WOD can help with muscle recovery, reduce waste products and muscular tightness. Muscles feeling tight and restricting movement the day after a high intensity WOD is common, it can seem to take forever to warm up. The reduced posterior chain length from deadlifts yesterday can limit toes to bar today; simply taking some time to mobilize after the WOD can reduce all this. My favorite exercises with the RITFIT Floss Band : 1. ANKLE MOBILITY Wrap the RITFIT compression band starting mid-foot working up over the ankle, then move the ankle thru its full range. This can be done actively by pointing your toes and then bring the back up as far as you can. I like to perform my ankle mobility lunging with the compression bands on. (I prefer using the thicker red band) Floss bands 2.ANTERIOR KNEE PAIN Wrap the RITFIT compression band around the knee, start just below the patella (kneecap) and wrap firmly working the way up to just above the patella. Then squat 20-30 times. Floss bands   3.FLOSSING ARM AND ELBOW Wrap from just below the elbow up to above the arm. Move the elbow through full range using your other hand or even better get someone else to bent and straighten your arm. Bend and straighten for a couple or minutes or until you feel like you need to rip the band off as your hand is going numb!!! You might have had it wrapped a little too tight. Floss bands 4.SHOULDER INTERNAL ROTATION Get your training partner/ wife / husband to wrap the RITFIT compression band high up the arm as possible into the armpit. Lye down on the floor, have your partner push down on your shoulder or place a barbell/kettlebell across the front of the shoulder. Then either slowly rotate your arm into internal and external rotation or have your partner rotate the arm back and forth. I suggest if doing this with a partner always go first then you know how much pain to cause them. Floss bands 5.LATERAL KNEE PAIN For lateral knee pain I find wrapping the RITFIT compression band firmly just above the kneecap. Wrap the band so you are pulling from the outside of the knee across the thigh towards the inside. Pull the band tighter around the lateral thigh. Floss bands [embed][/embed]

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