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5 Reasons Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive

by RITFIT manage 02 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Dumbbells, often hailed as one of the most popular fitness equipment, can certainly help strengthen the body and build muscles. And they’re perfect for both home gym and commercial gym. However, dumbbells can be some expensive pieces of kit. A lot of people find that out while browsing to buy dumbbells so they can lift some free weights at home.

Their eyes bulge when they see the price.

For those who haven’t googled the price of dumbbells, I will give you a general idea. The average price of the dumbbell is $1.5-2.0 per pound of weight, which means about a thousand dollars or more for a full set of heavy ones from 5-50 pounds and beyond. You may ask, how come these delicate small dumbbells cost so much?

 This article will answer the following questions lingering in your head.

  1. Why are dumbbells so expensive?
  2. Are dumbbells worth the cost?
  3. Where to buy dumbbells at a reasonable price?


1. Why are dumbbells so expensive?

Multiple factors, such as shipping cost, material, and demand, play into how much a dumbbell costs. Breaking down the factors one by one helps give a clear picture of why dumbbells are at such a high price.

  • 1.1 Shipping Cost
  • 1.2 Material Cost
  • 1.3 High-quality
  • 1.4 One-off Sale
  • 1.5 High Demand

Now let's dive in.


1.1 Shipping Cost

The biggest part of the cost has to do with the freight. Considering freight charges relate to weight, you won’t be too surprised when I say dumbbells are not exactly shipping friendly. Due to their heavyweights, shipping dumbbells costs extra fuel and gas, all of which will be reflected in the freight charge.

Why are Dumbbells So Expensive-shipping cost

Therefore, while comparing dumbbells from different companies, you should better take the shipping costs into account. Some companies, like RitFit, offer free shipping, which could indeed save you some money.


1.2 Material Cost

The price of dumbbells also varies based on their different materials.


Plastic dumbbells

Plastic dumbbells are no doubt the cheapest ones. They often feature a plastic shell filled with sand inside and are limited in the weight option (usually ≤ 10lb). If you’re solely interested in learning the proper exercise as a beginner, plastic dumbbells are ideal for you to warm up and do bicep workouts--but this article is not for you.

Why are Dumbbells So Expensive-plastic dumbbells

plastic dumbbells

The following info is for the majority who are trying to lift the real weights.

See what else we have for you.


Cast iron dumbbells

Pure cast iron dumbbells are the old school type of dumbbell. They feature several different styles, slectorize, adjustable, one-piece. They’re generally the best budget dumbbells you can buy. One common style comprises a bar with various weight plate options that can be added to the bar to make up the dumbbell. Iron costs much more than most other materials, and that adds to the cost of dumbbells.

ritfit sports adjustable dumbbells 100 lbs

RitFit Adjustable Dumbbells with Connector Options


Hex rubber coated dumbbells

Here comes the most expensive dumbbell--hex rubber coated dumbbells. They are considered to be a safer choice than iron dumbbells. They are more durable and flexible, and are designed to protect your floor if dropped.

Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells


1.3 High-quality

Low-quality dumbbells are dangerous for users. What if it breaks when you’re using it? It may fall on you, cause serious injury, and even damage your home. Therefore, if the companies don’t want to be caught in a series of lawsuits, they need to ensure their dumbbells are of top-notch quality, which in itself adds to the price.

Why are Dumbbells So Expensive-high quality dumbbells


1.4 One-off Sale

Dumbbells can last through years of regular use, and possibly a lifetime if you’ve been taking good care of them. That means you only need to pay the money once in buying the dumbbells. For that reason, companies need to price their products up to generate some profit. After all, there are no repeat sales that they can rely on.

Why are Dumbbells So Expensive-one off sale

The company needs to make sure the one-off sales can generate revenue before they continue to produce dumbbells. Seeing a surge of dumbbell producers, you’ll know that the dumbbell business is still profitable.


1.5 High Demand

With the idea of home gym workouts trending all over the world, the demand for dumbbells is increasing, which drives up the price of a dumbbell.

 Why are Dumbbells So Expensive-high demand


Are dumbbells worth the cost?

Well, now that we’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on the reasons why dumbbells are so expensive, we can naturally answer that question with an affirmative answer. Yes, they are worth buying. Dumbbells are of superior quality and are so very durable that they can last years of regular use.

They don’t take much space and can be very handy. You may sit in front of your laptop doing your business or simply surfing the internet when you decide, okay, now’s the time to lift some weights and start lifting the dumbbells right away.

It also serves as a reminder in your home, constantly sending the signal: time to exercise, life is short! And they are particularly worth buying for beginners to gain strength, muscle growth, and burn fat.

To make spending less painful, you can consider buying the dumbbells as an investment. You may put in a large amount of money, to begin with, but after that, it will generate constant benefits, which go a long way.


Where to buy dumbbells at a reasonable price?

RitFit offers free shipping within the United States only excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, military and air force bases. If you want to select some dumbbells to begin your home workout, you’re in the right place.

ritfit sports adjustable dumbbells 100 lbs
ritfit sports 20 lb neoprene dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbell
Adjustable Dumbbells Hex Neoprene Dumbbells Rubber Hex Dumbbell


Want to get more information about the RitFit dumbbells? Click the link 

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