Wobble Board Exercises


Wobble Board


Wobble Board can be helpful pieces of workout equipment for anyone, but they are particularly useful for those wanting to improve their sense of balance and increase strength in the feet, ankles and core. It is important to have the proper surface under the wobble board to prevent injury. Do not begin exercising with the wobble board until you’ve placed it on a thin carpet or workout mat -- you could slip and hurt yourself if using it on hard floors.


Simply balancing on the board can be an effective exercise as it strengthens the muscles of your lower legs and thus is particularly useful for those with weak ankles. Stand on top of the balance board with your hands resting loosely at your sides. Try to balance on top of the board, keeping it steady and level for as long as you can.


TapsFor a slightly more advanced wobble board user, side-to-side taps are a good way to create a better sense of muscle control in the core. Stand on top of the board with bare feet. Slowly lean back and forth, left and right, keeping your balance so that the side of the board touches the ground. Repeat this for 60 seconds.

The Balancing Squat

Begin with your feet hip-width apart as you stand on top of the board with your legs straight. Once you have your balance, move as if going to sit down, keeping your head and shoulders in a vertical line. You will need to engage your core muscles to keep from falling as you sink deeper into the squat position. When you’ve finished, slowly straighten your legs and return to standing.

Kneeling Spin

This exercise is designed for intermediate wobble board users. Place your hands on your hips and get into a kneeling position with your knees on the board. While focusing on your abdominal muscles, begin to move slowly in a rotation. Once you’ve successfully finished a few rotations, slow down and then reverse so that you are rotating in the opposite direction.

Eyes Shut

The eyes shut wobble board exercise should only be attempted by advanced users with a spotter. Get into a standing position on the board with your eyes open, and lift one foot off the ground so that you are balancing on the other. Close your eyes at this point, and then switch foot placement.


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