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How Much Does a Home Gym Really Cost?

by RITFIT manage 22 Oct 2021 0 Comments

So, You Want a Home Gym?

You’ve been going to your local globo-gym, but you’re just getting tired of it. It’s crowded and you always end up waiting on machines, which really just slows down your workouts. You’ve got the idea of starting up a home gym, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

How Much Does a Home Gym Really Cost

A home gym is perfect for keeping your fitness, well, close to home. You won’t need to get up and make a commute, nor will you have to wait to use any equipment. This is super advantageous for keeping you consistent and on track with your fitness goals. You can literally walk to your gym space, which eliminates some of the common excuses.

You’ll obviously need some equipment, and you may not know exactly what or how much it’ll cost. In this post, we’re going to help you figure out exactly what you need and how much it might run you. So, let’s get down to business!


What Do You Need for a Home Gym?


Depending on your goals within the gym, you might need a rack. A rack is a multipurpose piece of equipment that is used for performing exercises that involve a barbell. It holds the barbell so that you can start movements from the right positions. Racks help you keep everything safe and allow for a lot of versatility as well.

Think of the rack as a staple for whatever it is you’re doing!

Now, racks can run from super cheap to extremely heavy duty. A cheap, low weight capacity rack would run you about $250, but you would be extremely limited in what you can do. You can also find some racks that come with all the bells and whistles, and you may even be able to customize them. These racks are going to run on the high range of close to $1500.


Multiple movements are going to need a stable surface, such as a bench to work from. Some are smaller, and less durable while others are super stable and heavy. Ideally, you would want something solid to make sure that you can feel safe and supported no matter what.

If you happen to stumble upon some benches online, you may find some cheaper ones that aren’t that sturdy for around $100. The problem here is that it increases the risk for injury and can really minimize the number of exercises you can do. On the other hand, some higher end benches can range up to about $400 and may come with some extra functions. The goal would be something sturdy, reliable, and affordable.


A barbell is used primarily for heavier loaded movements. Anything compound like squats, deadlifts, or bench press can utilize the barbell. A standard barbell is going to be about 7 feet in length, with 2-inch collars on the ends. This allows for the use of the higher quality Olympic plates.

The biggest thing with a barbell, is that you find one with the right weight capacity for your lifting style. The weight capacity will affect the cost of the barbell, so you should consider how much weight you even intend on lifting. A cheaper, less durable barbell is going to run at about $150 max but may not last you that long. Whereas you can find some barbells that are competition standard for close to $1200. This may be a little more than what you need, and there are some better mid-range options.


Dumbbells are great for many uses. They may be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can find. You only need a couple, depending on what you want to do. Some individuals may have a large collection of various weights, while others may just have a couple. Regardless, you can do a lot with a little.

Dumbbells are, however, expensive. Even just a small set of rubber dumbbells could run you over $250. They cost by weight, which can add up quickly, especially if you’re looking for those heavier sets. A complete home set of dumbbells could cost you around $1,300.


There will always be some miscellaneous that you can use in your home gym. This can include attachments for your rack, jump ropes and other conditioning equipment, kettlebells, and bands. All of which are great additions that you can use to keep things interesting. Yes, these costs can add up quickly as well, so consider that these things aren’t required to get things up and running!


How Much Does a Home Gym Cost?

As you can see, pricing varies from product to product, and so does quality. A great place to start would be with RitFit. Not only are the products affordable, but they’re also high quality. You want items you can trust not matter what, and that’s the goal here.


RitFit sports Power Cage


Starting with a rack, The Power Cage is your jack of all trades. This rack is extremely sturdy, with a weight capacity of up to 1000 lbs! Not to mention it comes with a host of other attachments like a pulley system, plate holders, and even dip bars. This rack runs at $755.99, which makes it extremely affordable for what you get.


RitFit sports home workout bench


You’ve just got to have a bench for your home gym. RitFit, again, has an extremely sturdy and affordable bench that’s adjustable. The Adjustable Bench 2.0 can be moved into various angles to hit multiple areas of the body. This bench covers a ton of different parts of your training and comes in at $229.99, which affords you a mid-range pricing and tons of use.


ritfit sports 7ft olympic barbell

For barbells, you need something that can take a beating. The ToughFit 7Ft Barbell comes in a 500lb and 1200lb capacity. These barbells are meant to last and come in at $158.00 and $199.00 respectively. You’ll also need some plates as well, so that you have something to lift. You can snag a set of 120lbs for just $370 at RitFit!


ritfit sports adjustable dumbbells 100 lbs

Finally, are the dumbbells. For a home gym, you won’t need a massive rack full of different weights. You can truly start with a good set of adjustable dumbbells. Easy to store, and super convenient, the Adjustable DB’s from RitFit can accomplish pretty much any goal you have. These run at $179.99 a piece, which would be roughly $360 for a complete set of two. That’s less than half of what you would need for a full set of standard dumbbells.

So, to start a home gym with just the basics, you’re looking at total of around $1670-$1970 depending on if you grab two dumbbells or one. You’re under $2,000 and get ALL of this! Sure, you could buy the MOST expensive things you can find, but that’s not necessary at all for a home gym. With just $2,000 you can build out an impressive set up!



Building out a home gym may sound expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. Now, you can find high quality equipment at fair pricing all in one place. For under $2,000 you can get the basics to start something awesome! You can easily add to it over time and grow something that even your whole family may enjoy. Keep it simple and get after it!

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