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How to Make Fake Blood

by Ritfit Sports on October 31, 2016
Vampires? Zombies? Werewolves? It's either the end of the world as we know it, or it's Halloween, and nothing adds to the frightening thrill of Halloween like lots and lots of sticky and red realistic blood! There are as many ways to concoct it as there are to ooze it, ranging from edible blood made from everyday ingredients, to the chillingly realistic blood used in movies. Note: This mix can get quite sticky and may stain clothes but is easily removed from skin with baby wipes or warm water. It tastes sweet, and looks real—–especially in front of a still camera.

You will need:



Corn syrup (golden syrup)


Red, blue, and green food coloring


Flour, cornstarch, chocolate syrup, or maple syrup.

fake-blood-5 Make the basic mix. Combine one part water with three parts corn syrup (you can use golden syrup in the UK/Australia/New Zealand). Add drops red food coloring gradually and mix gently by stirring. fake-blood-6

Continue adding drops until the shade resembles that of real blood (always err on the side of adding less, as it's easier to add more).


Add a small amount of blue or green food coloring to achieve a more realistic shade. (Arterial blood is bright red, while venous blood is a dark maroon).


3.Add a thickener. Suitable thickeners include:

Dry thickener. Add sifted flour or corn starch to your mixture, and whisk or stir it gently until smooth.
 If small lumps form, wait about a minute and the lumps will float to the top where you can remove them easily. Note: you can also use glycerine instead.fake-blood-10
Wet thickener. Stir in thick chocolate syrup until the desired consistency (and optimal flavor) is reached.
 Chocolate syrup adds a realistic deep maroon "venous" color to the blood.
 You can also use pancake syrup to add a brown tone and make the blood a bit thicker and stickier. Don't use too much!
4.Adjust your mix. If it is too pink or orange, add red.
Use blue cautiously Only add blue when you have at least put 3 teaspoons in and 1 drop of blue and you're confident it is still not dark enough and only add blue slowly
If it seems to be too purple, you'll have to start again––unfortunately, you cannot fix it just by adding more red.
If the mix is too transparent, add a little flour.
5.Let the mixture sit for ten minutes in a warm environment. This will give it some time to thicken and coagulate. And then you can freak people out with the fake blood—–it's a lot of fun! Note: This recipe yields blood that is very sticky initially. It is good for uses that involve children and possible ingestion, as it's not toxic.