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by Ritfit Sports 10 Oct 2016 0 Comments
Kris Stanton grew up in Hawaii, semi-sort of active in her youth, but never considered herself an athlete. By the time she was in her 30’s, Kris says, “I was a complete couch potato who loved food, and every few years would join a gym or by late night TV workout videos to get healthy. That would last a month or two and I fell back into old habits.” 13231004_10154806533878056_1505872697_n When she was 38, she knew she really needed to do something about her weight (she was over 210 lbs on her 5’3″ body), so she started run/walking (more walking than running). Setting a distance goal as opposed to “losing weight” goal was the key. She completed a half marathon in 3:15 and the full in 7 hours. Not fast, but she finished and lost about 60 lbs in the process without really changing her diet. In 2010, Kris found CrossFit. “When I was on vacation in 2010, a friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit. I loved it so much! So when I came back to Germany, I immediately signed up at a local box. I quickly became addicted and especially loved the weightlifting! My grandfather was a weightlifter, and quite good too, but I wasn’t ever exposed to it growing up. I always thought he did “fitness” weightlifting, like bicep curls at a gym. It’s only when I found his pictures and records a couple of years ago did I discover it was real oly lifting!” Kris attended the CrossFit Weightlifting course in 2012 in Parma, Italy with Sage Mertz. It was a life changer! “I never knew that something that looks so easy could be so technical and complicated. John Belton, who was also a coach at the seminar, mentioned that I should lift in competitions. And my reply was ‘but I’m not very good, and I’m old’. He said ‘of course you can, there are masters competitions!'” At age 41, Kris signed up with a local weightlifting club and started weightlifting. Because she lives in Germany, she had to learn everything in German – the terminology, the team system, the competitions, how it all works. The hardest part about weightlifting for her was having to undress in front of people (sometimes men!), get weighed in and wear a singlet. “But I loved it so much, I did it. It helped so much with my confidence and body issues!” 13245997_10154806524998056_2029446020_nSo now it’s my passion in life.” Kris has been lifting on her team for 4 years, and they have become her second family. This year, Kris set some Bavarian lifting records for her age/weight class! Germany also has special competitions for kids, and Kris’ kids have been competing since they were 7. “I got my Bavarian C-Trainer license last year, and am now a kids coach at our sport club. And now that Sage is in Hawaii (and I hope she stays there forever), my kids and I get some coaching whenever we’re home.” Kris is a baby geezer and proof you are never “too old” to do anything!! She qualified for and will compete this year’s World Masters in Germany. And if you want be a weightlifter, don't forget to have a pair of gloves to protect your hand. Never too late for weightlifting, never too old for your hands! Pick Up What you like Now!! [embed][/embed]     [embed][/embed]  
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