RitFit Supports Sparta Alpine Race Ski Team!


Sparta High School Alpine Race Team in Northern New Jersey reached out to RitFit in November, 2018 that the boy's and girl's ski teams are seriously lacking balance equipment due to school budgeting issues, and ski racers would receive huge benefits from the dryland balance practices.

The Sparta Alpine Race Ski Team is part of the New Jersey Intersholastic Ski Racing Association (NJISRA) which consists of 22 high school race teams. The team currently has around 30 racers, and are competing in two disciplines: Giant Slalom and Slalom.

RitFit believes doing well by doing good - we donated four RitFit Balance Ball Trainers  to Sparta High School to have balance trainings as part of their daily training routine.

RitFit Balance Ball Trainers

Balance Ball Trainer is one of the most effective tool training for the slopes, using it to enhance ski racers' core and leg muscles and improve mobility. Using it flat side or round side up works different muscle groups as one works on foot and ankle, the other works on glutes and core. 

Ski Racers' Training Routine  

The team just reported good news that the girl's varsity ski team won a first place and the boy's ski team won a second place in January 2019. RitFit wishes them good luck in 2019!

Sparta High Ski Team Training 






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