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    Gymwell Portable Resistance Workout Set 2.0

    $159.99 $199.99

      [Time-efficient Workouts] The patent-pending Gymwell Portable Resistant Workout Set simulates barbell, cable machine and dumbbell exercises in one piece of equipment and provides unlimited variety. It is a creative workout concept save you time and hassle going to a gym and enables you to workout anywhere, anytime![Maximum Versatility] Able to train all 6 major muscle groups - arms, back, shoulder, chest, abs, legs and hip with Gymwell. Comes with three pairs of resistance bands, you can make workouts easier or harder by adjusting the tension levels from 30 lbs to 120lbs!

      [Ample Resources] We will get you familiarize with your Gymwell Workout Set and show you how to practice your body muscle groups. 70+ exercise videos available on our website free of charge. Also comes with two free posters detailing exercises categorized by different muscle groups, and exercise cards where you can pick and choose your Gymwell exercises of the day.

      [Innovative Design] A special pair of ankle straps was developed for the Gymwell Workout Set to help accomplish numerous exercises such as curls, presses, rows, deadlifts, squats and many more without hitting a Gym. Gymwell 2.0 has upgraded its collapsible workout bar to three separate pieces providing more possibility for workout options.

      [Cut Your Workout Expenses] Able to save you thousands of dollars on the local gym membership fee and equipment expenses. Also help you clear up space on storing barbell, weight plates or multiple dumbbells.


      Customer Reviews

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      Nice quality equipment

      I’ve been training over Zoom and my trainer (and I) like the versatility of this equipment. Now that we are moving indoors for our workouts, they provide the means for total body workouts. One suggestion I have for the people at Gymwell would be to provide additional accessories. For example, my trainer and I wish a 20-25 LB set of bands were available, even if purchased separately. Also, additional handles to have on hand to reduce the time to re-set up the equipment when doing supersets. I recommend these.

      Customer Reviews

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