RitFit Steel Squat Wedge Block Incline Slant Board

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RitFit Steel Squat Wedge Block / Incline Slant Board is a lightweight training accessory for squats. This squat wedge block enhances a user’s ability to maintain proper squat form by elevating the heel. It can be used to increase comfort, enable a more upright torso and discourage excessive forward lean when performing narrow/wide stance squats. Simply pick a pair of the squat wedge block to facilitate Goblet Squats, Back Squats, Front Squats, etc.

  • Anti-Slip & Easy Carrying Design

The squat wedge block has a robust steel structure for a more secure standing under load. The textured surface of this incline slant board prevents the feet from slipping during squats. The rubber bumpers keep the squat wedge block from sliding on the floor. A handle cut-out on the side piece of the squat wedge block allows the user to pick it up off the floor with ease, as well as carry this steel slant board to other places.

  • Deeper Squats & Healthier Knees

What is an optimal alternative to avoid potential knee issues? The heel-elevated squat wedge block helps you squat lower and deeper by increasing squat depth and range of motion in your ankle. The 20° angle of the squat wedge block reduces undue strain on the knees and better targets the quads.

  • Versatile Training

The squat wedge block is an effective calf stretcher as well as stretching the foot, heel, Achilles tendon, and hamstring for better flexibility. By elevating the heels, the squat wedge block helps to provide sufficient mobility in the ankle, knee, hips, and lower back.


Product: RitFit Steel Squat Wedge Block / Incline Slant Board / Calf Stretcher
Measurement: 13.6'' x 4.7'' x 4.5'' (Length x Width x Height)
Material: Heavy-duty Steel Metal
Load Capacity: 400LB (Each)


RitFit Steel Squat Wedge Block Incline Slant Board
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