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RitFit Trap Bar, 750LBS Capacity Hex Bar for Deadlifting with Standard ⌀2'' Sleeves Bars&Plates RitFit Black

    RitFit Trap Bar, 750LBS Capacity Hex Bar for Deadlifting with Standard ⌀2'' Sleeves

    With our RitFit Trap Bar, a.k.a Hex Bar or Deadlift Bar, there is less space for injury and more space for gains when you are deadlifting, shrugging, and pulling compared to the standard barbell. This bar is a safer option for intense squat progressions or maximum load lifts.

    The hexagonal frame is ergonomically designed to allow for a linear bar path and keep the weight centered with the body’s midline during lifts. This puts less shear force on the lumbar spine and targets your quadriceps, so you can deadlift with confidence.

    With 10'' sleeves, standard 2'' sleeve diameter, and a maximum load rating of 750lb, this Trap Bar is designed to withstand your heavy training sessions and help you become strong as heck. The aggressive knurling on both flat handles and raised handles provides a firm grip for you. The handle spread measures 22.8-inches across, so you can quickly rack the bar on your power rack J-Hooks for easy plate loading.

    It's essentially a counter-balance that makes hyperextension possible in the first place when you perform deadlifting. With a trap bar deadlift, you can naturally rise and extend the hips through to a safer vertical position. Besides, it is beginner-friendly and a very intuitive piece of home gym equipment.

    • Material: Steel
    • Product Weight: 47 lbs
    • Sleeve Length: 10''
    • Sleeve Diameter: 2''
    • Full Length: 55.9'' (140CM)
    • Distance Between Grips: 14.7''
    • Handles Diameter: 1''

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    adam heflin (Cabot, US)

    RitFit Trap Bar, 750LBS Capacity Hex Bar for Deadlifting with Standard ⌀2'' Sleeves

    Alexander Cruz (Port Jervis, US)
    Ritfit Trap bar,750 lbs capacity

    I ordered this irem from Titan two weeka ago and received item several days later. Item was packaged very well. No damage to item. I enjoy using the trapbar. It was constructed very well. No complaints. I would recommend item to my friends. Good purchase and a well addition to my home gym.

    Happy lifting and thanks for shopping with RitFit

    Jinx Ashforth (Sarasota, US)
    Dream come true

    I have been looking for this kind of bar ever since I left my previous institution. I never dreamed one could be so affordable! And it's built great too. Nothing is ever going to damage it. I'm seeing gains already. Couldn't be happier.

    Happy lifting and thanks for shopping with RitFit!