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Vertical Dumbbell Rack and Fitness Equipment
For 10 Pairs of Dumbbells (5-20LBS)
Vertical Dumbbell Rack at Home
Vertical Dumbbell Rack Dimensions
Vertical Dumbbell Rack Details
Vertical Dumbbell Rack Features
Vertical Dumbbell Rack

880LBS Vertical Dumbbell Rack 10 Pairs

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Have multiple pairs of dumbbells for your fitness game but not enough room to store and display your collection? RitFit vertical dumbbell rack saves you from the nuisance. Ten-tier storage despite a small footprint, steel construction with an abrasion-resistant layer, this dumbbell rack accomplishes big with its small body.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design, Ideal for Small Space

This dumbbell rack features ten tiers, allowing you to store up to 20 dumbbells within a minimum footprint. The base only occupies 2.2 square feet of your floor, so even in a small residence, you have the privilege to train with variously weighted dumbbells and still have them effectively organized.

  • Steel Made Structure with Highly Protective Coating 
Made from a 1.5mm steel plate topped with an electrostatic powder coat, this rack is built to last. The heavy-duty steel plate will firmly support weights add up to 880lbs. The electrostatic powder coat not only gives the dumbbell rack an unostentatious, matte look but also adds a protective layer against scratch and rust in addition to its already solid steel frame.

  • ABS Cased Dumbbell Slots
Each dumbbell slot is topped with an ABS cover. ABS is a plastic material featuring a smooth surface, excellent durability, and elasticity. The ABS covers serve to mitigate friction between the dumbbell and the rack during a placement, offering dual protection to both your dumbbells and the rack.
  • Easy Assembly and Easy Use
Our vertical dumbbell rack does not require much of your assembly effort because it comes pre-assembled for the most part. The product weighs 45.6lbs-- fairly easy for an adult to move it around. Plus, our manufacture guarantees precise spacing between the dumbbell slots. The gaps are just wide enough that you will be able to store cast iron dumbbells or neoprene dumbbells as you like.


  • Footprint:2.2ft sq
  • Height:49.8''
  • Center Tube Diameter: 8.5''
  • Product Weight: 45.6 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 880 lbs